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Ship Schedule

My best guess on when this will ship.

Aug 27: My best guess is that a one core Mecrisp CPU, with priority memory will  ship within a week or two of receiving the board.  Sadly the board has been sitting in LA airport since ordering it on August 13th. I am starting to get very frustrated.

Predicting software/hardware schedules is very difficult.  The users want a date, so that they can plan.  In reality, things never go according to plan.    A happy compromise is needed.  So on this page, I will publish my best guess as to when what will ship.  Both the predictions and the actual date will change.  And then below this line, I will publish past predictions.


August 26: My best guess is that a one core Mecrisp CPU, with priority memory will ship by Oct 1, 2023.  If I am lucky, it will ship before the FPGA World Conference in Stockholm on September 12.

August 26: 2023 I predicted that if I paid €38.17 for USPS Priority Mail International, the package would be here in 5-7 days.   It is now 12 days since I ordered the board, and it is still sitting in the Los Angeles airport.  It has been alleged that Fed Ex and UPS are owned by the same company, they are effectively a monopoly, and they give money to politicians to hobble the US mail service.  How can you run a country without a functioning mail system.  Well you can't.  Much like there were no SMS warning messages before the Maui fire, the US also does not hae a functioning mail system.  In London in the 19th century, mail was delivered multiple times a day.

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