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Progress Report

Here I document the plans and the progress.

  1. Develop a plan. DONE!  As you can see the web site shows exactly what I am going to do, and how much I have accomplished.  Of course the plan keeps changing as I learn more.
  2. Buy an FPGA.  Done!  Aug16th, 2023. 
  3. Install the tools.
  4. Simulate.  Run a Mecrisp CPU in simulation mode.
  5. Synthesize.  Run a Mecrisp CPU on the board using the 80Kbits of dual port memory.
  6. Single Port.  Run a Mecrisp CPU on the board using single port memory, priority memory access, and a pause function.
  7. Compressed Instructions. Run a Mecrisp CPU on the board using compressed instructions.
  8. Run 4 Mecrisp CPUs.
  9. Add 4 small cpus.  The small ones each get 20Kbits of dual port memory.
  10. Buy some pmods. 
  11. Connect  and test UARTS, SPI and I2C.
  12. Implement a 24 bit CPU.
  13. Buy the ULX3S or ULS4M board.
  14. Implement a Hana-16 + 16.

 Built using the  Forest Map Wiki